Turntable VS Record Player

Turntable VS Record Player

A turntable is a record player, which pretty much equates to the fact that both of them are exactly the same right? Wrong!

We’ve seen this so many times: “Is a turntable the same as a record player?”

Google is loaded with predictive text that matches those keywords, which means that the masses seem to be confused on the topic.

In this post, we’ll show you the difference between a turntable and a record player, and which one you need to opt for with specific applications.

A Turntable Is…

Well actually it’s a simple device that doesn’t sport a bunch of features like amps or speakers. You’ll use turntables if you’re into the idea of toting your unit along with you when you’re on the move.

Turntables feature a platter (which is where you place the record) and a pickup device that has a cartridge and stylus. Electronic signals are sent to the preamplifier, and sounds are processed through headphones or speakers.

A Record Player Is…

A device that usually features speakers and an amplifier, which translates to a much more elaborate picture than the one painted with turntables. Record players also come with built-in features, all designed for an improved listening experience and easier operation.

The big difference probably comes in with the weight factor. A record player is much heavier than a turntable, which means it’s not nearly as portable. They’re also a lot more expensive than turntables, but the preamp and speakers that come as part of the heftier price tag are almost always worth the splurge.

In a few words: A turntable is NOT a record player. So where to now?

Turntable or Record Player?

This is a debate that’s been around for centuries, and we’re not looking to get into it. Both turntables and record players have their advantages and drawbacks, and you’re in a sweet spot if you have the opportunity of purchasing both styles at the same time!

They real important thing is that you check out the manufacturer before you go ahead and make a purchase, regardless of whether you’re sticking to a turntable or investing in a record player.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a casual listener that needs a portable device that won’t break the bank, then we’d suggest you opt for a turntable. You’ll be sacrificing some sound quality, but the benefits for you specific uses will far outweigh the drawbacks.

For the serious vinyl collectors and audiophiles, you’re better of sticking with a record player, and ‘for the record’, you probably already knew that. Yes they’re more expensive and they won’t travel along with you, but they offer a level of sound quality that cannot measure up to that of a turntable.

Turntables and record players were made with the idea of us using them as instruments, and the experience you’ll get all depends on how much you’re willing to invest. As with all musical devices, what you get will always be what you paid for. While we can’t advise you to pick one over the other, we can say that sticking with a reputable brand (and perhaps investing a little more) is a surefire way to buying into great sound quality.

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