Record Player Stands

Record Player Stands

If you have ever caught yourself pondering about whether or not you really need a record player stand, we’re here to tell you that YES, you definitely do.

Here’s Why:

There’s absolutely no use investing in a high-quality record player without the means of protecting the equipment in your collection. By ‘protection means’ of course, we’re referring to a stand for your record player.

There’s an abundance of turntable stands on the market today, but the unchallenged market leader is Crosley, and it’s a ranking that’s been holding strong for years, which is why a Crosley Record Stand should probably be one of your first (and hopefully only) considerations.

Best Creative Record Player Stand

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Display Your Record Collection Prominently

One of the best parts about collecting records is being able to show off the awesome records you have in an efficient way. This includes keeping them in accessible storage while still not putting them at risk of getting damaged.

Alot of record storage systems available not only provide space for individual records, but they also provide a system to organize all of those records into an incredibly efficient way so that you can always find the record in particular that you're looking for.​

What to Look for in a Record Player Stand

Your turntable stand is pretty much a piece of furniture, albeit it might just be the most functional piece of furniture you’ll ever own. Before you head out and buy a stand, take the following into consideration:

  • What are your intended uses for the stand?
  • How much space do you have for the stand?
  • Will the stand negatively impact your available space or will it provide better flow?

You'll agree:

Vinyl records are extremely delicate, and they need as much TLC as you can give them if you aim to keep them in tip-top form.

Aside from protection for your valuable LP’s, a turntable stand with built-in storage can be beneficial in a few other ways:

  • It can add focus to a room
    If you already own a good looking record player, there’s really no reason why you can’t make it a central focus of your living room with the help of a great stand.

  • It can help you organize and display your records
    Turntable or record player stands with built-in storage can help you finally organize and display all of your LPs in an efficient way that’ll still keep your records as safe as possible. A lot of modern stands sport individual slots for your LPs, which eliminates the risk of an untidy mess brewing up over time.

A Word of Warning

Before you invest in any old record player stand, consider the fact that there are various styles, shapes and sizes available when it comes to stands. Desktop-style solutions are more compact, whereas cabinet-style stands need a lot more room.

The other important thing to keep in mind is the fact that your turntable stand should never overpower your turntable. You don’t want your stand to take anything away from your record player; it should be enhancing it, promoting it, not the opposite.

Record Player Stands

We know that our taste might not be in line with what you’re into, but if there are two stands that we would recommend to just about any listener out there; it would have to be the Crosley ST75-BK Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet and the Crosley St66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center Stand. The latter being an alternative that offers a simpler design.

Crosley Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet

The Crosley Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet is arguably one of the market’s best sellers, and with very good reason. It’s affordable enough, which means you won’t break the budget with this unit, plus it adds oodles of value to the deal.

We love the Bardstown because it looks elegant and offers a lot of storage space for LPs that need the best care. It’s not a massive furniture turntable stand, which means that it can still work in tight spaces.

Crosley ST75-CH Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet
Manchester Entertainment Center

And then there’s the Manchester Entertainment Center Stand from Crosley, which is really just as great but offers a simpler design that might be suitable to folks with a more modern interior space. Albeit not offering the most storage for your collection, it is a great option for those with a bit of a smaller collection.

​Much like the Crosley Everett record player which you'll see below, this record player stand, ultimately does a fantastic job of offering a mid-century feel that just seems to 'fit' when it comes to jammin' records.

Crosley ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center Stand
Crosely Everett Record Player Stand

Inspired by classic mid century modern design, the Crosley Everett record player stand is an absolute thing of beauty. You'll be spinning and storing up to 75 records which meets most record lover requirements. 

When you use this stand, you really get a nostalgic mid-century feel which can't be replaced. The only negative is that there is no opening in the back for any cables you might want to run through. 

Crosley Record Player Stand

Final Thoughts

We’ve told you exactly why you need a turntable stand, and by now, you should be out shopping if you don’t have one to protect those vinyl records back home. If you're serious about investing in the best record player, you might as well consider investing in a great record player stand to ensure both the record player and your records are both protected and accessible at the same time.

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