DJ'ing for cheap

DJ’ing for Cheap – Becoming A DJ? Use Cheaper Gear!

There is an unfortunate trend in the world of DJing, where in you may or may not get some flack regarding what kind of gear you use (or gear you don’t use, sometimes it really can go either way, or both). So what is this thing that can get you into a load of (not so much) trouble? The biggest and best advice anyone can ever give or get regarding becoming a DJ. If you are just getting started, there is no need to buy the high end gear, and the top of the line software with all the bells and whistles. You do not need to spend all your hard earned money on fancy and expensive gear.

If we are to be brutally honest, most of the fancy and high end gear it based off of where a part was made, or perhaps even a well-known, loved, and sought after brand. No different than the blonde girls with their fake tans frothing over the purse that has a G on it that is a slightly different colour that the others. A lot of it is for looks and prestige, where if you are just getting into DJing, you will likely spend a lot of time fiddling with software and turning knobs and pushing dials.

While it may make you look cool, and perhaps even make it seem like you are a professional and know what you are doing, and very well may land you gigs just based off what you own, dropping a wad of money on the best gear isn’t needed. So what kind of things can you buy if you want to learn to DJ for cheap and want to be able to accumulate some cheap DJ equipment and accessories? Keep reading and you shall find out!

So what are some reasons that you may not want to get expensive gear right away? Well some of the reasons may be:

1) When you’re a beginner DJ the thing that should be most important to you is learning the basics and the basic gear and software. You do not want to go over your head and try learning things too quickly too soon. Once you have spent years bettering yourself (yes, it can take years) that is when you may want to consider upping the quality of your gear.

2) When you get into DJing, you will need a lot of accessories and equipment and you will want to get that as cheaply as possible. If you blow your entire load on one item, you are more likely to miss out on some other key items you should probably have. Don’t cut yourself short and miss out on an item you will more than likely need.

3) It is not the gear that makes the DJ. This is a problem in music in general and many people feel as though they aren’t very good, and that that could be remedied by the acquisition of better and better gear and software, when in fact it takes time and energy to put in and practice and hone your craft.

Cheap DJ Equipment

Some of the cheaper DJ equipment and accessories you may want to invest in are;

Virtual DJ: This software is free! This is a fantastic and cheap (obviously being free) virtual DJ mixer than can be used to easily play your music and DJ set lists and is completely effortless and easy to use for almost anyone. It has 2 disc scratch and 12 DJ mixing pads included and you can even mix your own music in the application which is one of it’s key selling features.

Virtual DJ Mixer Player

Traktor: This is another great software program and gear by the well known and loved Native Instruments audio interface. This is phenomenal software to use when you are finally ready to get out there and into the clubs (which is where you want to be)! This is also one of the cheaper DJ equipment options compared to some of the other options that are out there and available to you.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller

Scratch Live: Serato Scratch Live software along with Rane hardware is THE must have for all DJs out there and can give you the ability to take your entire catalogue on the road on tour and bar hopping with you! This will allow you to keep up with all your creative ideas and whims at the very time you have them, rather than needing to wait to get home to record your thoughts. The system is also very user friendly and gives you a very authentic and traditional DJing feel with fantastic performance.

Rane Serato Scratch Live DJ Solution with Audio Interface


You need to practice, practice, practice! You can accomplish your goals of becoming a great DJ, but in the beginning you are going to want to wait until you have some idea of how things work and you’re your goals for yourself are. Will you become a pro? Will you be a hobbyist and only enjoy it for yourself and yourself alone? When you first start out, in regards to you gear, be sure to keep it cheap! Look for cheap DJ equipment and cheap DJing accessories that will suit your needs without breaking your bank book. Once you have upped your game and you are getting some pro DJing gigs coming your way, then you can and should start considering more expensive gear. Until then, opt for the cheaper options and work on your skills. Having the top of the line gear means nothing in the beginning, and knowing how to start, where to start, and what all those knobs and dials do in the first place is probably your starting destination, and if you can, to save a few extra bucks, opt to get used gear from someone selling their beginner gear.

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