Crosley CR8005a-tu Cruiser Portable Turntable Review

Crosley CR8005a-tu Cruiser Portable Turntable Review

Listen up audiophiles-to-be

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a portable record player that looks the part and has the ability to put out good sound quality without breaking the bank, it's time you started paying attention to the Crosley Cruiser CR8005A.

While some of you will love it, some of you might not dig it at all. You see, the CR8005A is a love or leave product. With its three-speed operation and built-in speakers, it has the ability to provide great sound quality, and the fact that it’s small and compact means you have the power to take your retro style with you wherever you go.

Before you take the plunge though, read our Crosley Cruiser review so that you know what hides behind those cute looks…

The Pros:

  • It’s affordable and comes available in an array of different colors
  • It’s compact and lightweight
  • It has a retro look which is very attractive
  • It’s easy to use and comes with built-in speakers
  • It sports an auto-stop feature

The Cons:

  • It won’t produce superior sound
  • The top cover isn’t removable
  • The lid needs to be open all the way when in use
  • It doesn’t have any adjustment features
  • MDF construction
  • Playing speed is inaccurate
Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable 3 Speed Turntable


We’ll tell you straight off the bat: The Crosley CR8005A isn’t a long-time vinyl fan’s dream come true; instead, it’s much more of a beginner’s portable turntable. This unit is ideal for those of you who need a turntable that’ll run on a plug-and-play basis, so you can expect a simple and straightforward setup.

The Crosley Cruiser has a ceramic cartridge, which eliminates the need for a preamp and an equalizer, which is part of the reason why this unit is so affordable. We’re not too keen on this system though because ceramics are prone to skipping, especially when the music has a lot of bass and drums.

Sound Quality

The internal speakers on the Crosley Cruiser leave much to the imagination. If you’re okay with small sound and virtually no bass, this might not be the end of the world. Volume wise, this unit is OK, but only when you limit it to a small room. Of course when we added external speakers to the mix, the experience turned out a million times better.

Tech Specs

  • Size - 10.5 x 14 x 4.6 inches
  • Height - 13 inches (with the lid open)
  • Weight - 5.5 pounds


  • · 45 RPM Adapter
  • · Built-in speaker
  • · Line-Out Jack
  • · DC Jack
  • · AC Adapter
  • · Headphone Jack
  • · Comes available in: Turquoise, green, pink, black, red & black, orange, red, tweed, and chalkboard colors.

Final Thoughts

We would recommend the Crosley Cruiser Portable Record Player for newbies and adults looking to introduce their kids to the world of vinyl. Since this turntable is easy to use and is self-contained, it’s effortless to setup and start using. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a great décor item for your living room, this might also be a great option since it’s very affordable, just as long as you don’t expect it to perform like top quality record players.

From what we’ve seen on the web, other Crosley Cruiser reviews leave us with mixed thoughts about this unit, since there are equal amounts of good and not-so-good characteristics to this turntable.

At least now you know a little more about the Crosley Cruiser and what it’s capable of. If you’re a serious vinyl collector, we’d advise you to stay clear of this unit for the sake of avoiding disappointment, for all other uses however, it might just be worth a shot!

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