Audio Technica AT-LP60

Audio-Technica LP-60 Review

You might have heard about the Audio-Technica LP-120-USB before, well now it’s time to meet its little brother. As one of the simplest converter turntables out there, the Audio-Technica LP-60 is not only hugely popular, it’s also seriously affordable and does a rocking job for its build and design.

Take a look at our review and find out why…

Audio-Technica LP-60 Review

The Pros:

  • Can do high-quality conversions
  • It’s easy to set up and easy to use

The Cons:

  • The design is very basic
  • It doesn’t come with extra features
Audio Technica AT-LP60

Our Verdict

The AT-LP60-Automatic Turntable isn’t fancy by any means. It’s not a top-end contender, but what it does do amazingly well is reproduce LP’s like nobody’s business. A lot of folks just need a unit to help them convert their LPs into digital format, and that is exactly what the LP60 does, without fail.

Build & Design

We already mentioned this, but the LP60 looks AS BASIC as they come, sporting a silver exterior with a slip-mat over the platter.

The Audio-Technica LP60 is a belt-driven unit that can play 33 and 45rpm LPs, although it only comes with an aluminum platter that supports 33rpm LPs. This isn’t a deal breaker though because you can just purchase the 45rpm LP platter if you need it.

Since the LP60 is a digital record player, it comes standard with Audacity. This software helps you record LPs (and also clean them up after conversion) and you get a bunch of cool features to use like noise redactors, click and pop filters, and equalizers. This also happens to be one of the major reasons why the LP60 has been such a successful seller: had it not been for its capabilities of converting like a pro, you might have never read about it today.

Sound Quality

When it comes to converting old LPs into digital format, this USB turntable does a solid number on some of the higher-end turntables on the market today. You get great clarity and intricacy, and considering its price tag, this almost makes the LP60 look like a steal.


Well where do we start? The Audio-Technica LP60 doesn’t really have a lot of features worth mentioning; in fact we wish it had something to brag about here. There’s no anti-skating or counterweight on the tone arm, which is potentially disastrous to some listeners.

You’ll also note that it doesn’t come with built-in speakers, no headphone jack either, which means there will be NO private listening for you, ever. Furthermore, it offers zero pitch adjustment options, something that most other turntables in its caliber do come with.


The Technica AT-LP60 comes with a one-year warranty, which isn’t great, but then again, for its price, you really get what you pay for.

Who Should Buy The LP60?

If you’re serious about converting old LPs into digital format and you need a basic setup and operation system, the LP60 will suit you just fine. Don’t expect it to alter your world forever, but you can expect it to convert those old LPs into crystal clear digital editions, even when the records are old and worn!

Would We Recommend It?

In one word…yes. But there are a few things that we need to add here. The AT-LP60 is a great conversion turntable, and yes, it is a good quality unit, but it lacks so many features that other turntables of the same class sport, it’s hard to recommend or advise against it. We’d recommend the LP 60 if you really need a turntable that’ll do JUST conversions and not much else. For all your other needs, you’re better off considering its big brother, the LP120.

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